FO - Koolhaas Hat

Another finished project!

This one is for me. :angelgrin:

A long time ago, I fell in love with the Koolhaas Hat. You can purchase the pattern [COLOR=SeaGreen][B]here[/B][/COLOR].

Then, I received a gift certificate for [B][COLOR=Blue]Kaleidoscope Yarns[/COLOR][/B] and went in search of something nice to buy.

I bought two skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. The color is “Peapod,” #141. You can read about the yarn [COLOR=Red][B]here[/B][/COLOR]. Oh man, is it soft! Here’s a picture of the pre-knit up yarn:

I went hunting for patterns on Ravelry before I bought the yarn and saw that someone had used it to make the Koolhaas Hat.

Bingo! The perfect match!

So, like the other person, I doubled the yarn (hence my purchase of two skeins) and cast on this project on 9/13…finishing tonight (9/19). I used up 85g of my yarn (each skein is 50g).

Getting started was a challenge because I didn’t have DPNs that were the right size, nor the 16" cable. However, I decided to use Magic Loop. The pattern works absolutely fine done this way. Whew!

The pattern is not hard, if you are comfortable doing cable work. However, the slickness of the yarn made it impossible to do the cables without cable needles. What a chore! :wall:

I persevered and am really glad I did. The top of the hat, IMHO, is gorgeous! This pattern is smartly written, despite my aggravation with the cables.

I’m pleased because although I didn’t do a gauge swatch :rofl:, the hat came out the perfect size for me, proving there’s a first time for everything. :woot:

On to the pictures!

The yarn is actually a darker color. Maybe a sage color? The next picture was taken with the flash on. I tried to fix it, but oh well.

And a view of the top…

Thanks for looking!

It looks beautiful Nathalie :slight_smile: I really like the pattern and the colour is really nice. It will keep you nice and warm and cosy when the weather changes :slight_smile:

Looks great. Was the pattern easy to follow?

What a beautiful, beautiful hat! It’s perfect in every way. I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it.

Aces, auburnchick. :thumbsup: I have to keep starting that pattern over and over and over …

Excellant job! Love the hat. May just have to get the pattern:happydance:

Yes, I thought so. The directions are clearly written. You just have to trust them…that it will work out. You also get to a point where you can tell what stitches you need to do and if you’ve made a mistake.

Good luck!

WOW! That is so pretty. I really like the color of your yarn. It is a perfect match for the hat. :heart:

Beautiful hat! :cheering:

Looks gorgeous!!! :yay:

Beautiful! :slight_smile:

I love the color and the details, it looks great.

:thumbsup: Beautiful! Love the color.

I love your hat. Thanks for the story of how it came into being. Green is my favorite right now. :slight_smile:

I’m pleased because although I didn’t do a gauge swatch , the hat came out the perfect size for me, proving there’s a first time for everything.


oooh beautiful! I want…

Ooooooo Ahhhhhhh! Very beautiful! Love your excellent work…and LOVE the color of the yarn!

:inlove: that is so pretty, I love that color!

I really love it:inlove:. The pattern is lovely, my favorite color and i think it fits wonderfully with your hair color!

Your hat is gorgeous. I just made one (alas, out of cheap yarn). . .it is my very first hat! I agree with you that the top is gorgeous. I really had to take the plunge of faith to choose this for my first hat, but it worked (after much frogging and questioning my sanity). I’m new to this forum as of this evening; I look forward to reading, learning, and eventually contributing!