Fo: koolhaas hat

i finished this hat today for my sister’s birthday that was in august…oops, a little belated but i was spending a lot of time thinking about what i was going to make her! haha. anyway, this is the koolhaas pattern from this year’s interweave holiday gift issue. i used one skein of malabrigo worsted merino in pagoda and size 6 dpns for the ribbing and size 7 for the rest of the hat. i did the women’s size plus an extra half pattern repeat but i could have done a whole extra repeat for a little extra length but i think it will be ok. thanks for checking it out!

oh, it looks great! Love how the ribs lead right into the cables! Nice!

That is beautiful! It is one of my “faves” on ravelry!:thumbsup:

What a neat pattern! :slight_smile:

Beautiful job. Excellent work.

I love the hat. I bought the IK holiday gifts just so that I can knit that hat. Now that I have seen how your hat has turned out I am more eager to make one for myself.



I love this pattern, it’s on my must knit list. Yours turned out beautiful! :cheering:

Very nice!! You’re sister will love it.

Really neat looking hat. She will love it!

Very pretty! I love the color of the yarn :happydance:

Looks great! I love this pattern and the colour!

thank you for all of the kind comments everybody! :slight_smile:

Very nice! She couldn’t have used the hat in August anyway (assuming she lives in the northern hemisphere).

hey, very true!

Those are amazing! I am knitting those next!!!:happydance:

Beautiful work, and excellent yarn choice! What an amazing gift :woot:

Very pretty, great work!

Neat pattern. Very nice work!

Oooo, that’s so pretty! :thumbsup: great work. Maybe I should make one for myself … that is when I finally gather up my courage to make my DH’s hat (my first ever). :teehee:

Love that hat, and the colour - yummy!