FO! Knitty's "unbiased"

here it is! I need to line it though. :zombie:

it’s so wonderful! It hangs exactly where I want it to! I love it!

gorgeous color. Beautiful job!

Oh, that’s very nice! Love the color you chose also.

Its so pretty.

Cute bag! Is it as tiny as it looks?

well, I don’t consider this a tiny purse! lol It’s a shoulder bag in a sort of hobo style. You cant carry your luggage in it! hangs to my waist.

Oh, that’s neat. Beautiful color–is it felted?

A plumlicious color, great job!

great color and shape. Funny it’s hard to show sz sometimes. Actually your eyes can play tricks on you anyway, when I first saw the pic I thought it was a bikini top for a second. LOL It makes a cuter bag I think. :teehee:

Nope, the yarn is Red Heart Plush. I was shocked at how soft this is. It’s about a ww yarn but kinda, well, plushy. I knit tight AND used size 6 needles. ROFL It’s done in garter so, even though it doesn’t show up well, you get these really neat corderoy like stripes diagonally. I should show a close up of the strap. it is knitted in a similar fashion to continue the striping as well. It was alot of fun and VERY easy!

LOL, I know! While I was making it a lot of people thought it was a halter or a tank top or something. Imagine explaining how it would “end up” being a purse! lol

ROTFLOL … that was my first impression too! Love the color!

Oh, I love that bag! Beautiful color. I may have to make one of those. Thanks for posting.

Cute! It looks like you are a fan of purple. :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear a favorable report for a RH yarn. I love the look of garter stitch.

Ooo la la! Very nice! Thanks for sharing!