FO: Knitty's Branching Out Scarf

My first FO in 2008! Knitty’s branching out scarf in silky wool. I’ve more pictures and details in my blog post. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous!!! LOVE the color …

Stunning work! Looks beautiful :slight_smile:

That pattern is just gorgeous in the red yarn you selected! :inlove:

Beautiful! The pictures on your blog are even better!

:inlove: wow…I love the red…it’s so pretty!!

Looks beautiful. Great job.

it’s gorgeous! I love the color and your work looks so crisp…

That looks amazing!! I have this scarf OTN right now and it’s making me tear my hair out!! Your’s is beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful…I love the color!:cheering:

Gorgeous color choice! Looks absolutely wonderful, IMHO :teehee:

Stunning! I LOVE the red. What a beautiful piece of work this is. You should be so proud…

That is GORGEOUS. And I absolutely LOVE that color-well done!!

Wow! That is just gorgeous. I love that color.

sooo pretty!!! everyone always does green because of the “branching out” but it looks great in red!

Wow That’s beautiful, you did a good job!

Wow–this is fabulous. I really respect lace-knitters, it requires a lot of focus.

Ha! Yes! You had no idea how many times I had to unknit because I was paying too much attention to the TV! :mrgreen:

Lissie! :muah:

You should be very very very proud of this beautiful Branching Out scarf! The work is magnificent…and your choice of color is to die for!

What a beauty!!! I am inspired!!! :happydance:

Great Scarf!!Great color!!:cheering:
I :heart: it.