FO_Knitting World Cup_Soleil

My Knitting World Cup FO - Soleil.

Thank you, to everyone who has knitted this before me.
I made it a little longer and gave the arms more room.

That’s GORGEOUS! :inlove: I’ve never seen it knitted with a variagated yarn before and I love it, I think I like it more than with a solid colour. The fit is perfect. Awesome. :thumbsup:

Beautiful! :heart:

That came out beautiful!! :inlove: What type of yarn did you use?

WOW!!! :inlove: It looks GREAT on you!!!

I can’t find the label :frowning: , but it is a mercerized cotton, knitted on N#5.

That looks GREAT! Fits you beautifully too! Way to finish on time! :cheering:

Love it :inlove: ! It looks great, I love the colours, great variagated wool! :heart:

Most excellent!

:cheering: GORGEOUS :cheering:
It looks great on you!!! Most excellent KWC item…love, love!

Sooooo beautiful!

Wonderful job - the colorsr are perfect!

:inlove: Stunning! :thumbsup:

wow!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

[size=6]Thank you, for all the nice complements[/size]. :blush:

That looks like a perfect fit!

:inlove: :inlove: that looks fantastic on you - fits like a glove! Love the colour too :slight_smile: :thumbsup: