FO: Knitting Ornament Covers

Yes, it’s very early to be thinking about Christmas presents, but knowing how slow I knit, I figured I’d better get started. Plus, it’s a nice fast project which keeps me going while doing bigger, more complex projects!

I’m using Yarn Bee Intrigue in True Love and White. I’m partial to the white as it shows the pattern, but the red is really pretty up against the light. It has this red glow that will look really nice on the Christmas tree.

Wow! What beautiful ornaments! Did you just come up with a pattern on your own? I’m just amazed at them.

I used a pattern. I just linked it on the original post. Also, check out Knitted Ornament Covers on Ravelry. There are lots of pretty ones there!!

I was just going to go to Ravelry, after showing my DH what you had made. Thanks!

Just read the pattern, looks simple enough for me, but I have to tell you that I love your choices in yarns.

I am pleased with the yarn as it has stretch to it which makes it easy to fit around the ornament, but the whole motivation for buying the yarn was the fact that the original price per skien was $8.99 and I found it on sale at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 a skien!!! I about jumped out of my skin when I saw it! I was very happy I looked in the sale bin that day!

Those are so pretty! And it is never too early to think about Christmas. It will be here before you know it, and you’ll be ready with your lovely ornaments.

:happydance: they look great! I bought the ornaments after Christmas to make these early…so I’d be ready…the ornaments are still in the bag in the closet :rofl:

Very cute!!

great job! They are very pretty. I wanted to make these last year but never found the time (bought the ornaments last year too). Now I just need to decide on a yarn and start!

Those are very pretty!

Stacy, your ornaments are beautiful! Perfect yarn choice. And thanks for posting the pattern. I’m thinking these might make nice Christmas gifts for co-workers.

Very pretty, that sparkle will look great with the tree light refections. Wow, what an idea.

Just beautiful!! And I agree - it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas!

Beautiful! What a great idea.

Now, where can I find ornaments THIS time of year (clear ones!):??

Wow, those are beautiful! I like yours much better than the one in the pattern. Your choice of yarn is perfect.

Really cute! I love them and think I’m going to try some this year!

I found mine at Hobby Lobby!

They’re so pretty, can’t wait to knit a few myself! Thanks for the link and good job!

Beautiful. and I agree perfect yarn choice. What luck to find it that cheap

What a wonderful idea! I [I]love [/I]them!!