FO: "Knitting Needles Bag"

As seen of Episode 202 (on KDTV Series 200)…this Knitting Needles Bag is a quick knitFREE PATTERN at Knitting Daily website. The bobbly stitch pattern is very easy to work. The stitch is created by alternating an ‘inc 2’ in the next stitch, and a ‘dec 2’ over the next 3 stitches. (K1-P1-K1 in the next stitch…P3tog over the next 3 st…and alternate those two maneuvers according to directions) It’s a 4 row repeat. And the flip side row is all purl, and happens to be the RS. The working row is the WS.

This little bag is also in a book called Bag Style… It’s been around for a while.

Here are the details for my bag. And more photos. The only modification I made: my bag is 2" taller. It is 12" tall by 20" wide, not including the handles.

I used double strands of Knit Picks City Tweed HW (aran) because I’ve had it lingering in my stash forever. Yes, this bag is a [B]STASHBUSTER! [/B]Held double, my bag used 1041 yds. However, the original bag needs about 330 yds of super bulky (held single, of course).

My bag used 520 linear yds, but remember, my bag is 2" taller, and I added the 3.5" x 6" flap.

I didn’t line this bag, or add any inside pockets, as many at Ravelry have done.

This is really super cute. I love the color too! :inlove:

Nifty little project, beautifully done. Very pretty. I think I might just have to try this pattern myself.

It’s so easy, Gramma! You knit the two sides, seam their bottoms together (I used mattress seam), seam the sides half way up…voila! done! Knit up some handles and the little flap (if desired) and you’re done! I’m knitting another one tonight. yeah…this gramma is knitting on New Year’s Eve. :wink: We have a fire roaring, the dogs are in their beds all curled up…and I’m knitting!

I found some Noro Transitions on Ebay, on sale. So my next bag will be the small version, just 9" tall. Noro Transitions is in the super bulky category.

I think I’ll like this colorway! The US15 bamboo needles are still on their way to my house…but that’s okay. You don’t use them until the very last row, just after the decrease row of K1-P3tog across the entire last row. You knit the last row from your gauge needle right onto the US15 straights.

I might consider icord for the handles this time…jury is still out. Plus an i-cord closure that comes over the top and fastens around a nice big toggle or button. Lots of ideas over at Raverly projects. This bag has been knit a total of 541 times! So many cute modifications, too!

Plus, gauge isn’t so critical! You could use two different worsteds or arans held double, or bulky + dk held double! It’s a great [B]stashbuster,[/B] IMO!

Terrific looking bag! I like your adustment to the dimensions and the knitting needles through the last row are perfect. This bag could be addictive.

Very pretty, ArtLady. Nice texture, nice colors, and great modifications.

But I have to ask: How do you keep the yarn from falling off the knitting needles?

It looks like the yarn will slip right off the end of the needles with very much use.

The pattern says ‘adjust the stitches 1.5" from the tip of the needle and add a drop of Superglue to the last.stitch on the end.’

It works!

This is amazing… How did somebody ever come up with this? Maybe the pattern maker just held up the sides and figures (s)he might as well leave the needles there?!? Awesome :cheering:

The colour is grand. Thank you for sharing. This one will go on my “want to knit”-list.

Thanks for sharing. Lovely bag. Great knitting!

I had such a grand time knitting this bag!!! The bonus is that this red bag (I knit two bags, back-to-back…one med, one small) was old stash and mostly frogged yarn from a sweater I totally botched a couple years ago. (the size L turned out to be big enough for an elephant!)

These bags are so cute. I had the same question Antares had about the stitches. I thought they must be glued or something. :muah: Such a nice job.

The needles look like they need point protectors, but that’s part of its charm–it looks impossible!

Hi Judy! I used KA brand for the red bag and CLOVER brand for the Noro . I recommend CLOVER brand for this project mainly because the spot/drop of super glue dried more quickly & instantly at.that. The KP brand would be nicer to actually knit with because they have more polish, or varnish or whatever. The glue didn’t instantly “set”. I had to add a drop or two more.

I bought another pair of CLOVER bamboo straights in US 15 should the “bee” bite me again and I’ll knit another bag! Maybe wider and taller and then ever so slightly felting the sides after seaming, then picking up stitches along the top edge onto US 9’s or 10’s with double strands, then knitting them off onto the CLOVER bamboo US15’s as per pattern.

The needles are only $6 and change at Amazon.