FO Knitting Barbie $85.00

Our school is having a silent auction fundraiser tomorrow night. I made this knitting Barbie, I can’t wait to see how much $$$ it brings. I love that on “teacher contributions” they put the value as “priceless” :slight_smile: I also made a “Vintage Bubble Bag” from “Purseanalities” but forgot to take a picture.

The hats and flower were a baby shower gift … baby, big sister and mommy

She sold for $85.00 YEA! She was purchased by one of my Kids Knit parents.

The Bubble Bag sold for $65.00 I am so pleased.

Super Cool! Love the idea!
Now that Barbie has to be the most realistic one yet!!
Great job!
Now, are your eyes coocoo from the tiny knitting?

OMGoodness, that is so KEWL :sunglasses: !!!

I want one! That would make such a neat display in my craft room!

Everything is just so wonderful!!!

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

(hiding screen from 7-yo DD who would most certainly want such a thing)

Marvelous! How clever!

That’s so cool! I love her tiny little balls of yarn. :inlove:

What a great school fundraiser. And you may even end up recruting some new knitters :cheering:

Wowzers! That is too cool!!

That’s so cool!

Wow, I love her, and the little clothes!!! My daughter is getting into Barbie’s and I would love to start knitting her some little clothes for her doll. Great! I love the little needles!!

Barbie looks great in her new clothes. You did a wonderful job. I too love the tiny balls of yarn. I’m sure it will be a BIG hit. :happydance:

Great idea! Too cute! :thumbsup:

Thank you so much everyone! The knitting needles are toothpicks … one of those knitting always on my mind grocery store moments. They are Diamond brand and called elegance toothpicks. They come in a clear plastic “jar”. One end is pointed and the other is “carved” … perfect knitting needles … cut off to the right length and re - pointed using a nail file :slight_smile:

Barbie is “Ballerina Barbie” and she is completely jointed … making her very easy to dress and pose. Now, I want one for me …

I used Nikki Epstein’s Barbie knitting books sometimes following the pattern, sometimes not. Barbie is very easy to knit for because she doesn’t care if you have to bend her arm all the way to her back to get a sweater sleeve on. She is so cooperative!

Thanks again for the complements!

Do you know how much she sold for at the auction?

The auction is tonight (Saturday) I will post $$$ when we get home !