FO: Knitted Snowflakes!

I was in Michael’s last week and picked up an awesome little booklet on Knitted Snowflakes by Margaret Heathman. I got right to work and within the past few days I’ve made three of the eight patterns. I only have pictures of two of them because I gave the first one away already, lol! The one snowflake without the eyelets is actually supposed to be covered in eyelets also, I realized about halfway through the project that I had done the yarn overs incorrectly. Instead of fixing it I just kept doing them wrong so it wouldn’t look all funky. O well, it’s still pretty!

I love them! They look really great!

I love the sparkle you put in the second one. Both look great!

Aren’t these fun? I made a few in October, but haven’t starched them yet. Yours look wonderful!

They were so much fun to make! And surprisingly quick to knit too. Starching is fun too.

Those are so pretty! :yay:

Beautiful! And perfect as a gift.

They are very pretty.

Lovely, improvisation has its own beauty.

So pretty! I have to find a pattern and make some!

:inlove: Very pretty!! Isn’t that a great book?

I love it, I made them last year and found a crochet thread that had like glitter thread with it or something like that…the lights really sparkled off of them.

Those are so pretty!! They look like fun to make.

so festive!! I love it.

Very pretty!

Very beautiful and delicate! Great work! Way to go!!! :thumbsup:

Beautiful!! I’ve tried crocheting snowflakes, but not knitting them. May have to give that a try!

These are so cool! How big are they?

I like the one without holes. Did you use the same yarn on both of them? The second one looks sparkly, which is just perfect for snow. :cheering:

Sooo pretty!!

How beautiful! I have had that booklet for a couple of years but haven’t done anything with it. Seeing yours has given me the motivation to try it. Thank your for posting the pictures as the samples in the booklet don’t do the projects justice. You did a wonderful job!