Fo: knitted pillow covers

Those are so neat! Beautiful job!

What pattern did you use?

Those are beautiful!

It looks like she didn’t have a pattern INK. I wish I knew your name because typing out the whole thing is insane.:lol:

Oh, yeah, sorry. :teehee:

Shana. I need to make a signature, I guess.

Ohhhhh, missed the link. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, sorry.
I have a signature now. I know, I am insane. :teehee:

I’m sorry, I missed the link. Silly old me! :slight_smile:


Jan, I wanted to tell you, I love your kitty pic.
We have a new one now, orange and white striped. Too cute!

Sorry, MoniDew, I still love your pillow covers!!!

Thank you! Her name was Marshmallow. She was a Ragdoll (breed) and was a love bug. She passed away a couple years ago at the age of 19. I live kitties!

Oh, well done. You’ve chosen wonderful stitch patterns and it looks like striking colors.

ooohhhh those look great!!!

They are really lovely and the colors are great!:inlove:

Very lovely indeed! I love the way the pattern, though subtle, still shows up on these covers. Nice work!


Am I seeing correctly? The pattern stitch looks like a quilting pattern whose name escapes me, tumbling blocks, maybe? In any event, they’re gorgeous pillows!

How cute are those?!!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Wow…I really like those! Very nice![/SIZE][/FONT]

Thank you! No pattern - used a stitchionary to pick designs, then tested for gauge, then knit a square. Used pillow form from fabric shop to fill.

thank you! yes, one is tumbling blocks, one is diamonds, and one is squares. I wanted designs that could be viewed from any direction. I never know how my family is going to “arrange” the pillows. :roflhard: