FO - Knitted Lacy Round Cloth

Here’s a little something I knitted up with yarn from HollyP (thank you!), who sent it to me when it was my turn to work on one of the Charity Baby Blankets.

The yarn is Sugar 'n Cream, colorway Hot Orange.

The pattern link is [COLOR=Red][B]here[/B][/COLOR].

It was a super easy knit and magical to watch take shape (although you do have to seam it up at the end, but it was quick).


nice! It looks like sunshine! Thanks for the pattern link.

Cute! Love the color! I’ve used that pattern before, but the friend I gave them to wouldn’t use them for dishes! Said they were too pretty!

It looks like sunshine! So pretty!

Oh that brings some pretty sunshine into my winter world! Thanks!

Y’all are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. I never even thought that it looked like the sun. I might have to make it again using the bright yellow yarn that Holly sent me. She picked out colors that certainly fit my state – Florida!

What a nice, bright color! I love the shape, too.

I made one of these as well, in red-yours is much prettier (although I do like mine too :teehee:)

It looks like a handful of sunshine!

I 'm going to make some in this color too-oh no!! I’ll have to buy more yarn! :mrgreen:

ooh pretty orange sunshine!! lol

What a great color!! Looks great :thumbsup:

wow great design!!:waving:

Beautiful…looks like a lacey sun! :hug:

Auburnchick! That is just beautiful work! Very nice even stitches!
Wonderful color! Thanks for sharing the link with us, too!

It is gorgeous!


Very nice work! :slight_smile: