FO: Knit Cowboy Shirt

I’ve had these buttons for years and thought they belonged on a cowboy shirt. I needed a shower present, so the time has arrived. I love how it turned out. It was really fun to make. I’m not sure what size to call it. The chest measures 22".

Beyond way cool! What a great idea! My DS says, “That is cool. See if you can upscale that to a 54” chest." I think you’ve got a winner. :thumbsup:

Oh my gosh, Judy!! That is adorable!!!

Oh, wow, a perfect cowboy shirt! The buttons are a great complement and it’s a good size, too. Well done, all around.

Your work is always so nice, Judy! This is no exception! It’s totally wonderful! You don’t say too much about it, but I’m thinking you designed it yourself. I’ll run right over to your Rav folder and nose around! :teehee:

Great work!!!

Judy that is just adorable. You can’t do better than that! I love it.

Oh, now that is too cute! Love the design, the buttons, and the embroidery (right?). That’ll be a keeper, for sure! And if it doesn’t fit baby immediately, the mom will be excitedly looking forward to the day when it [I]will[/I] fit!

Thanks everybody for your wonderful compliments. To respond to a couple of things. It is so nice to have this community to share with. :hug:

The buttons are not only a complement but were the inspiration. I bought a bunch of buttons years ago at Joann’s when they were on sale and have had these ever since. From the beginning I was thinking of a cowboy shirt for them, but never did it.

Yes, it has embroidery. The “pockets” (not even, but I tried a couple times) are duplicate stitch and the “arrows” are done with a bunch of back stitches. The pretty stuff is very much like what I found on an adult man’s shirt and made smaller and interpreted it to by hand embroidery since it was machine done. And to my skill level which is not very high with embroidery. Not exactly the same on both sides but looks okay.

And yes, I designed it myself. You could upscale this to a 54 chest the same way I did it, base it all on the gauge and fooling around till you get it right (plus some math and charting). :lol: For a man you could even do cuffs more like a shirt maybe with buttons on them, but I’m not sure how. I didn’t want them for a baby because he might scratch himself with them somehow, and I only had 6 buttons anyhow. :wink: Oh, and I’d use worsted weight instead of this tiny stuff. :lol: I’m glad your DS liked it, GrumpyGramma.

I’m a country girl (at heart)…and this is BY FAR one of the cutest sweaters I have ever seen! I am soooo impressed.

My only question: are you willing to share your pattern?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Trails!