FO: knit birthday card

thanks again to everyone who gave me tips on this project! here’s the story: a friend invited me to his dad’s 50th birthday party, but the catch was that everyone had to bring a hand-made card. knitting is the only craft i am good at (although i am still basically a novice), so i knitted my card! my original idea was to make something that opened, like a “real” card, but i just didn’t have enough time. i tried to remember to take some photos as i was going, but i was so focused on getting the thing done that i only took a few:

here is the card after the first day of duplicate stitching (i had made the panels the day before and joined the bottom sides to curb some of the curl):

here is the card after day two of duplicate stitching (you can see my original design on the top of the graph paper; i had altered it because i realized that i wouldn’t have enough time, and i think it turned out for the better!):

here is the completed card, front:

and back:

there were so many great cards at the party, but mine did get a lot of attention! this was my first stab at duplicate stitch, and some of the areas look much better than others. had i had more time, i probably would’ve fixed a lot of the messy parts, but i simply did not. luckily, the birthday boy loved it and probably won’t even notice the flaws!

Very Nice. I would of never thought of doing that.:yay:

Great job, you clever girl! :thumbsup:


Holy cow! That’ll be one card that will be used and loved for a long time! Great idea! It looks fantastic!

That is really clever. Good job.

You did a great job. Well done.

I love it!!!

Turned out great!


Are “we” sharing the pattern???Crossed Fingers

My dad’s 75th BD is coming up and I think he’d get a kick out of it.

Great job!!! It’s very unique!

I love it . Very original and i think it looks brilliant . Nice work :slight_smile:

:woot: Wow you did a great job! What a great idea :yay:

What a cute and clever idea!! Great job!!!

Yes, thanks for posting the picture. It looks great.

How fun, what a great idea.

Wonderful work! Very smooth and even, too! :thumbsup:

sorry for the delay in getting back to you! i’d be glad to share the pattern, but i basically just winged it. here’s the gist…

i used lion brand cotton ease yarn, and i think i cast on 35 stitches (like i said, i was totally rushing). then, i just knit until i had a square shape, which turned out to be 50 rows. made a second square with the same number of rows and then i joined the bottoms roughly, because i thought it would look more interesting than using a seamless or invisible (not quite sure of the proper terminology) join. then, i just worked out my duplicate stitch pattern on paper and went at it! joined up the sides and cut a piece of museum board to slip in between the two squares. joined the tops and was done!

the finished card was roughly an 8" square, but i didn’t take out my ruler and actually measure it.

hope that helps! it was a big hit, and i am sure your dad would love one!

This is such a cool card…can be kept forever and warms yer hands just to read it! Love it!!!