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I finished my grey Kittyville hat from Stitch n’ Bitch just this past December and wore it during the winter. It was my first experience with circular needles, dpns, picking up stitches, i-cords, and pom-poms!

I altered the Kittyville pattern a bit and made this hat for my nephew’s 3rd birthday. I think it looks like an old fashioned leather football helmet.

those are very cute–my fil has request a hat much like the one you made for your nephew…I need to find a good pattern!

I love the hats - the blue in the first one is so pretty. I agree - the hat for your nephew does look like a football helment - but it is adorable!

Meow! They look great! Good job :slight_smile: :cheering:

I love that cat hat!! :heart:

The hats are cute! :heart: Aren’t dpn’s fun, once u get he hang of it? I just started using dpn’s and they’re not so hard. Great job on the hats!!! :smiley:

Thanks for all the compliments! :smiley:

Cristy - The Stitch n’ Bitch Kittyville pattern should work for your fil’s hat. I made one for my father using the same pattern, minus the ears and the pom-pom’s at the end. He loved it!

knit-a-holic - Yes, I am definitely enjoying the dpns. I thought it would be weird using them, but they weren’t so bad.

Very cute hats! I love the pom-poms on the kitty one!

:smiley: Very cute :thumbsup:

I love them both. I like the retro look of the “football hat”. And the kittyville is darling. I am really thinking my sister would love one of those now after looking at your version of it. It’s cuter than the one in the book!

I’ve seen those in the book, but this is my first time seeing someone knit them. They came out beautiful! The colors are great. :heart:

I love them! This is my first seeing then actually knit up, too. You did an awesome job!

I keep meaning to knit this. It’s the reason I bought the book in the first place. :rofling:

Once I get a few more things for everyone else done and start working on something for myself again, I’m so making this.

I love cat ears! I want this hat to be done already… :rofling: :rofling:

was the kitty hat hard to do ?

What kinda yarn did u use ?

I’ve been wanting to make one too but keep chickening out lol.

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O O <----------------- my kitty lol
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spooky - Nice kitty. :wink: In answer to your questions…

It wasn’t hard, just different for me. I only knew knit and purl on straight needles, and it called for circular needles, i-cords, knitting with double pointed needles, making pom-poms, and picking up stitches! I only used the Stitch n’ Bitch book for reference and maybe my Knitting for Dummies book.

I used Patons Classic Wool Merino Dark Grey Mix yarn which I bought at AC Moore. I had no idea (well, still don’t) about yarns or what was the right kind to use, but it had a similar ratio of weight to yardage (which I later found out didn’t really matter as much) to the yarn the pattern called for.

I did make a mistake when I was picking up the stitches for the first ear flap. When I knitted on the first one, I had a bumpy row instead of a smooth transition from hat border to flap. I fixed it on the other one, but left the the first one as a reminder. :smiley:

My vote is for you to go for it (not that you asked for my vote or anything :smiley: ), because it’s fun to wear!

I have some WOTA left over from my FT Clogs. I wonder if that would work? Hmmmm… will have to see. I think it’s close to Patons. I’ll have to dig out my book and give it a shot. Maybe I have enough yarn to make it lol.

Me wanna kitty hat!!! lol :roflhard:

Both of those are great!