FO: Kitty Pi with kitty

Haven’t posted any FO’s in ages. Here’s the latest with model.

PS: The photo makes my cat look likes she’s five times larger than the pi, she’s not it’s just poor photography skills on my part. LOL.

Very cute…both… :teehee:

aww cute!! Great job :yay:

OMG look at the size of that cat’s eyes! He is soooo handsome. Anyways, good job on your pi. It looks like he is going to enjoy it.

Job Well done ! Kitty seems thrilled with it :slight_smile:

How cute!

:inlove: very cute! both the kitty and the kitty pi!

that came out great! is this the same pattern as the one that has the “fun fur” edging? i’ve always wanted to make one but i don’t like that furry edging.

I love it! At first I thought “oh my gosh, it’s the cat that ate Manhattan!”, but then I read your post. I think my kitty is calling out for one of these now.

It’s this one I didn’t think my cat would like the fuzzy yarn so I just used the same yarn throughout. It felted up real nice.

So cute!! Great job - kitty seems to like it!

aww! cute! (both of them!) your photography skills are NOT bad…bc mine are worse…lol

Very nice! Cute kitty too!

Hee, that pic made me giggle. Nice job!

Both are cute!

Very nice! And your kitty is cute. :slight_smile: