FO: Kitchen things

Hi! :waving:

KnitandPurl520 hosted a DOG LOVERS KNITALONG this month. She posted an adorable Paw Print Dishcloth pattern!

I joined the KAL and made a Sugar ‘n’ Cream white cotton dishcloth for my SIL that lives in Birch Tree, Missouri. She takes in every stray dog that wanders into her 40 acres.

Last month, some of us were also discussing the making of
"Scrubbies". I got all jazzed and made a boatload of them. Sold 8 of them for $20 to my dentist’s assistant. Gifted some of them to my daughter, and kept some for me! Click HERE for my Scrubbie discussion. There are 37 posts, so not too much to read through, if you’re interested. I posted the pattern for a square scrubbie in Post #1…and Post #37 has the pattern for this blue rectangular scrubbie.

Anyhoo, here is the set that I’m sending to my SIL.

That looks like a great little present!

I might knit her a few other things, maybe a cool hat and a scarf before I send these. She is the neatest sister-in-law you could ever dream of having. I never had a sister. Bummer. I had 3 daugthers, but it’s not the same as a sister. My brother is as close to having a sister as you could get! He’s chatty like me and we can talk for hours. We like the same things!

But, on the other hand, when we’re together with the spouses, he talks mainly to my husband about man things.

He is a cool guy! I just adore him. :heart:

So I got TWO cool sisterS-in-law! My brother’s wife and my husband’s sister!

The paw print really stands out . I really like it . I will put that one on the list for the future for my doggy lover friends:)

Great job! They both turned out so well! I’ve done that dog paw cloth before too. Love it!

Awww…I love that dishcloth! I have three four legged babies and am surprised I haven’t made myself one of these! Love the scrubby too! Hmmm…more ideas of things to knit…

How cute! I think i will make some of these:D

Those are nice items for the kitchen. The paw print sounds appropriate for your SIL.

Thanks Judy! I mailed them to her on Tuesday, USPS PRIORITY.

She’ll love them. She prolly never gets surprise gifts from anyone.

that is so cute!!

Those are very cute,Dollyce.

Is there some way they could be posted on the pattern page so we can have them permanently available?

I don’t know Deb. I’ll ask Jan about it! And thanks for your kind words!