Fo: khaki cables is done! :-)


Finally! D-o-n-e! After laboring on this cardigan for 2 months…it is finally FINITO! The pattern was easy and fun.

Here are the photos:

I had to “pose” it for the camera shot!

The self-yarn FROG CLOSURE actually works!

Oh my goodness, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I just can’t believe how beautiful it is. As usual, I’m sooooo impressed :woot:You rock!!

(P.S. It secretly makes me feel extremely special when you refer to me as “little redhead” teehee :happydance:)


That is beautiful! :muah: You do really nice work. The cables and other patterning is very cool. I love your frog even if it isn’t green. :lol: (:psst: small joke)

I’ve never done a frog before, but have considered one. They look so neat. The places where the pieces of i-cord cross each other, do you just kind of sew them together underneath where it doesn’t show? I think you posted a picture of this sweater before, but my memory isn’t the best. Is there a zipper below the frog or is the sweater just open in the front?

I’ll bet it looks even better on. :wink: We learned that with the sweater you made your DD. Great job! :cheering:

What a beautiful sweater! The background seed stitch really sets off the cables.

Gorgeous - well done!

Hi Merigold! :waving:

Thanks for your compliments! :muah:

No zipper. [COLOR=red][I]That is a cool idea! [/I][/COLOR]I may consider it! I could still install a zipper! :thumbsup:

Yes, I just coiled it around (according to the diagram shown in the instructions) then got a sharp needle ‘n’ thread to begin tacking it into place…after everything is tacked sufficiently, then I went back to secure it better. This was my first ever FROG CLOSURE, so if there is a better way to do it…I’d love to know. I tacked it right onto the sweater, but, I imagine some folks tack it together independently, then tack the FROG to the sweater. My way worked, but it was kind of a hassle. Made the Right Side “loop” closure first, then the Left Side…but I had to make the Left Side frog (with the knot) over again…making it longer than the prescribed 16". For some reason, that “knot” sucks up more inches that the corresponding “loop” on the Right Side.

Anyhoo, don’t expect to make an further cardigans that require a frog closure! If this frog closure had “tanked”…I was going to buy a ready-made silver “Celtic” style clasp closure at Joann’s. But, I wanted to give it a try. I like it!

It sure did take me forever! I expected to have this sweater done by June 22…for a 3-day air-conditioned event I was going to attend. NOT. Too many vacation weeks interrupted its progress. I couldn’t take it on our wilderness trips because it would get too dirty. I wanted to keep it as fresh and white as possible. Even knitting with clean hands (with hand moisturizer on them) made it necessary to wash it before blocking. I didn’t want any unseen hand oils or lotions to discolor the white yarn.

I got that training from being a crosstitcher for years. Hand oils can really affect the fabric and floss…you should always wash your work before framing.

I am going to wear it with a dark denim skirt for sure! I have enough yarn left over to make a simple white tank top with little I-cord straps that won’t show!

I committed myself to this month’s [B][COLOR=darkorange]KAL Challenge: [/COLOR][/B][COLOR=darkorange][B]CABLES[/B][/COLOR]…the KAL that ContiKnitter is running! (my white tank will have to be “next” in line.) I am already a week behind everyone else, and my project is BIG as usual. Another long cardigan, with Viking Cables running up both sides and across the neck! (see photo) No buttons, no button bands. I love it. It is DK weight (22st=4") so getting any length to speak of is slooow going! :pout: Wanna join me in this cardigan as our own KAL? If so, let me know. It is a current, inexpensive book by Elsebeth Lavold called [COLOR=blue]The Second[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Viking Knits Collection[/COLOR].

Here is the model sweater in the book. I won’t put that button on it. I don’t like how it pulls. She also has a “tie” closure for it. I won’t do that either. Mine will hang naturally.

Hi’ya quiltbugj, aprilbetty, and little redhead rachel! :waving:

Thanks for your big hugs! :grphug: I appreciate your compliments!

Stay tuned, I am working on another cabled cardigan for ContiKnitters AUGUST CHALLENGE KAL! I won’t get done anywhere close to August 31 though. I am already a week behind, but I will work on it while we are on vacation next week! NO DISTRACTIONS! :woot: Just me and DH and 3 of our dogs!

Although this was taken during our MAY wilderness trip…and it was the same in June and July…and will be the same next week! :woohoo:

oh, that is soo beautiful. When I grow up in knitting I want to make stuff just like you!!:knitting:

Dude, you are awesome!! :passedout: I am so envious of your knitting talent! The sweater is breathtaking and would awesome with a cute denim skirt and casual flats.

sigh If only I could be that good…

Hi’ya Knitting42Girls and SkyBluePink! :waving:



Thanks for all the information about the frog. It’s amazing how much i-cord you need to do for just about anything, and I totally understand with the simple knot. Knots really eat i-cord. :slight_smile: Your frog turned out great. It sounds like you didn’t like making it though. No more frogs in your future. It’s good to have on your resume though. :lol:

June 22? That [U]was[/U] a long time ago. There will be other occasions to wear it. :wink: You just finished that sweater for your DD too, so you’ve been knitting. :x:

Your new project looks like a great one. :muah: But I am not likely to knit one. :sad: Thanks for the invitation though. I was just telling my oldest daughter today that the nice yarns to make the really nice sweaters for adults cost so much money, and I am so tight. :lol: I suggested to her that if she or one of her siblings wanted a sweater and would buy the yarn that I [U]might[/U] be up to doing big stuff. But my first love is baby clothes. They fit my wallet better and I have a pretty good stash of yarns, that although not top notch, will do for the few months they are worn. I would love to work with beautiful wools, alpaca, cashmere, etc., etc. (there are so many) but I need to be realistic. :lol: Even if I got to use all those yarns I would still prefer to do baby clothes with them. :happydance: The big projects seem more intimidating. :oops: Little baby things are so friendly and comforting. :inlove :cloud9 Although I admire all the “adult” works of art people show off here, I don’t do much in this field. I’m down in the play pen you might say. :slight_smile:

How far have you gotten on your new project? It is stunning. :heart: 22 stitches = 4 inches is very familiar to me. I use that a lot for my baby things. What color are you making your sweater? These Viking knits are of interest to me and DH loves them too.

Did you look at my latest design? I just finished it a few nights ago. It is a little unusual. I’m already thinking of some other ideas I’d like to try. I’m thinking of trying a steeked baby sweater. I read through all the steeking sticky again. It’s about the best thing I’ve seen. I posted a question to Ingrid and ContiKnitter. It sounds like they are steek experts. :cool:

I ought to call you sometime. I still have your number. This post is getting really long, :oops: and I have more to say. :lol: I’ll save it for later. Merigold

Hi’ya Merigold! :waving:

Steeking in a great concept. However, I don’t for the life of me know why a knitter would work any project with steeks when the pattern doesn’t call for it…unless you wanted the self striping yarn to coincide. Do people use steeks simply to bypass seaming? IMHO, seaming is easier than figuring out :?? how to bypass seaming! And the work of finishing off the steeks!

Oh well, it will be nice to have steeks on the resume, as you said! :teehee: Nice to have a try at it!

I have knit for all of my 10 grandchildren! I LOVE TO KNIT BABY THINGS! (except baby blankets) They are fun, and done quickly! You saw that QUICKIE baby pullover I did in July? It took one day…from cast on to seaming all done! Whee!

Yes, I saw all you recent posts! I love :heart: your latest design! I think I posted a comment! I really admire folks who have the creativeness to “design”! It is a true “calling” and “gift”! As for me, all I am good at is “execution”. I can follow directions to the “T”…and get a perfect project done! But, I don’t design. Well, do scarves count? I have put together some versions of scarves, using different patterns that others have designed, and my hodgepodge is my own design ‘of sorts’! :teehee:

YES, do call if you need help or just want to say hello and chat a bit! As you know, DH and I will be up on Nighthawk Summit next week, so if you call my house, leave a number and I will return your call from the mountain. I check my messages on the home phone land line everyday.

The new project is about 8" on the first piece, the Left Front. That is the ribbing plus one full chart repeat…which is 44 rows.

I should be out there now…but here I am in here! :wink:

Oh, BTW…I only use washable soft acrylics for baby and kids sweaters myself! I like to give the mothers things that are easy to launder. Once is a blue moon, my daughter’s talk me into making something in 100% cotton…and I will do it if THEY SWEAR they will handwash and lay flat to dry!
(I showed them a nasty old cotton
Sugar ‘n’ Cream dishcloth I have had for a while…and said, “the sweater will look like this if you toss the sweater in the washer/dryer!”. So far, they have handwashed and flat to dry. Mostly these sweaters have been “special” sweaters for church, etc…so they don’t get soiled a lot!

Well, this post is gettin’ long, too! Talk to ya later! :muah:

I think it turned out absolutely GORGEOUS!!! ArtLady, you’re one talented knitter :passedout:! Your projects are always an inspiration!

Hi’ya KnittingNat! :waving: Aw shees…thanks! :aww: I appreciate your kind words! You made my day! :muah:

What a lovely, lovely sweater! Every detail is just perfect. I’m glad you made the frog yourself – it looks much better than the ones at Joann! Thanks for sharing.

Artlady your khaki cables turned out absolutely beautiful!!!
I am so impressed!!! I am just starting mine, a bit late lol. Thank you for your private help :woot:

Wow, I am in awe of your talent :notworthy: (not to mention patience). FOs like this are what inspire me to keep practicing!

Thanks for posting,

That is wonderful. You are a great inspiration.

ArtLady, your Khaki Cables turned out absolute GORGEOUS…STUNNING.:yay: