FO: keyhole scarf

I finished it, well the second one. I’m going to make a third one with orange, brown, red, and green all stripped. I think I’ll make the stripes 4 inches long not sure yet. But here’s the one I just finished

It’s kind of hard to tell but it’s different colored blues, it’s acrylic but it’s very soft cloud9 I almost want to keep it

Love the colors! You did a nice job on this one too! And what a beautiful model! :slight_smile:

Your little one is beautiful, and looks very happy with the scarf.

That’s very pretty!

haha the scarf wasn’t for her it’s for a friend of mine but I needed someone to model it and it’s hard to take pictures of myself

oh its lovely, so, u have to knit 1 for her …its suit her very mu…thnks for sharing

It is lovely and so the little girl is a cutie :slight_smile:

Very pretty! I love the colors, and your model is a doll!

aww she is a cutie! The scarf looks wonderful :yay:

It looks great! Love the subtle color changes. Your model is a doll too! :slight_smile:

Nice gift for your friend. It’s a pretty scarf. How handy to have such a willing model. The one you have in mind with all the colors and stripes will be a fun one.

Awe…what a cutie pie!!:cheering::heart: