FO: "Kerrera" hoodie

Pattern: Kerrera
Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed
Color: Highland Cow Brown

Here are my Ravelry notes. I made a few modifications!

Ooo pretty!!

I just love this and would have chosen the same yarn.

Skye Tweed is discontinued (why do yarn companies do that??? :wall:) and so I searched through Ravelry stashes, and bought it from a lady in Idaho…Washington’s next door neighbor! I was very fortunate she had 14 balls and was willing to let go of it! Bless her heart!


Love to read your Ravelry notes and see why your projects end up so perfect! This coat is beautiful…I’m glad you chose the buttons over the clasps or toggles.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


It’s beautiful! I love the color, and the buttons are perfect. I have this one in my favorites, and having seen yours I may have to move it up the list.

Gorgeous! I LOVE :heart: the colorway! Too bad it’s discontinued…lucky you to be able to find what you needed to complete the project though!

So Pretty !

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Everything about it! You really hit the jackpot when you found this yarn, didn’t you? Love the design and the buttons are PERFECT!!

Yes, I sure did! [/B] :cheering:

I’m always sooo bummed out when yarn people discontinue a great yarn, especially the tweeds.
Rowan is good for that. So many of their great tweeds are kaput. It’s getting harder and harder
to find Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweeds, too. Darn it. :pout:

It is so pretty and looks very warm. You are so talented.

How did I miss this for three days, it’s really gorgeous! May be one of my favorites that you have knit as I love the color and the pockets, bottom band, and yoke’s direction.

If I do make it up there later this summer, maybe you and I can sit down and knit some socks? Wouldn’t you LOVE to have socks to coordinate with your sweaters? :wink:

Absolutely beautiful! Lovely color and as always beautiful work! You inspire me

It almost looks like these things we used to wear when I was in high school. We called them Baja’s. But essentially they were tweed pull-over hoodies.

I’ve really been loving hoodies this year! So handy to have a “hat” to grab! Just flip it up, and it’s an instant hat and scarf rolled into one!

The Kerrera is really a nicely constructed jacket! There were [B]several new elements[/B] that I had never used before! The [B]sleeves[/B] for instance! Knitting them onto the body using short rows! That was so much fun!

Also, the [B]pocket[/B] application! Brilliant! Loved it, and will incorporate that particular app again on other sweaters! By simply changing the top border, but keeping it slanted with the use of short rows, you could create a good look for almost any sweater!

Plus, finally, the [B]hood[/B]! I really appreciated the construction of this hood. The shaping was brilliant as well! It fits the head so nicely!

And of course, the [B]double garter stitch borders and bands![/B] Even though I failed at this, I certainly love it! It is an elegant, sturdy border!

Wow. I just bought this pattern a few days ago. I think that your’s is lovely. :yay: I was thinking about making mine in red or purple.

Red or purple would be gorgeous! Rav has lots of “projects” to look at! People did all kinds of colors! It’s an all around great pattern!

Oh Drool…this is gorgeous!