FO: Keelin Cardigan

Finally finished! It’s been slow-going when I have 3 sweaters in progress at the same time. :eyes: Seems like nothing gets done, then all of a sudden…3 sweaters are done. I don’t know if I like this process I’ve fallen into…:think:…I used to knit ONE THING at a time…then move on to the next!

I have the project posted over at Ravelry containing information about the pattern source and the yarn, etc. I didn’t post any notes about knitting the cardigan. I did make a few modifications in length of sleeves and body. Wider buttonbands. It fits perfectly! The color looks fantastic on me. I will try it on for photos on another day. Today is not that day.

Just beautiful: lovely color and pattern work! It is such a delight to see your knitting, one fabulous project completed after another.

My first reaction was OMG - is that ever beautiful! Well done (again) Artlady. I look forward to seeing you model it. I agree, it’s too hot now.

That is really lovely, Dollyce!

[COLOR=Red][B]Too hot is right![/B][/COLOR] :sun:

Plus, my two little granddaughters spent the night, and we were up til 4am watching movies (me dozing off I have to admit)! I can’t do that anymore…this morning at 10 I felt bedraggled and pooped! Sewed my buttons onto Keelin, took photos…but no modeling in my old (?) sad condition…:pout:



What a gorgeous sweater, ArtLady!!! That light yarn really shows off the pattern well!

Well, I wholeheartedly agree! I think it’s beautiful and well worth your efforts.

That jacket is just stunning! I too would love to see it modelled.

As always, your work continues to amaze and inspire. Beautiful job!

Beautiful sweater, and impeccable work, as always! I guess the back has the same cables as the front?

Oh yes, the Back has the zig zag cables as well! I wore it yesterday…and I’ve never received so many compliments from my friends! Mainly, they commented on the color. Non-knitters are more color-conscious, color being the first thing that catches their eye. I was very comfortable wearing it! It fit perfectly, sleeves, neckline, etc. Plus, the yarn is the type that has “give”, kinda springy. Very comfy, like Rowan Calmer.

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=black]Beautiful Cardigan. Maybe we should rename you the Cardiganlady. :teehee: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Beautiful! Lovely colour!

What a neat looking pattern and the color is like butter, just love it. I know that now that I am older I always have more than one thing going at a time as I get bored! :slight_smile: Right now it is a sweater and a pair of socks.

It was sooo hard to find the right shade of yellow. IMO, yellow is a FRIGHT when it’s the wrong shade…

I’ve got two more batches of yummy yellow that I found during my YELLOW YARN HUNT the past year. I even had friends on the lookout for me!

You are amazing. I love every single project you do. The sweater is beautiful.

A beautiful sweater. Nice to see the minimum of ribbing at the edges all around. Scrolling down I see the yarn is yellow. It doesn’t look it, more a fishermans on my screen. Lovely.