FO: Katja

This is for my baby cousin. I’m starting on two more, one for another cousin and one for my new neice…

Funny story about this pattern. My sister was here this weekend and I showed her the halter…She said “Oh did I tell you I found my friend ____ from HS, she knits and just had a pattern published on one of those knitting sites you go to…wait, that kinda looks like it”

I show her the picture of the pattern and she said “yep that’s her kid”

Small world.

Anyhow…this is knit with Brown Sheep Cotton fleece…I have two (actually 3 more skeins of this) for the others…but I really want to do one with Wick.

That’s pretty! Love that color! :thumbsup:


And what a funny story. It is a small world!

Wow, small world is right! That came out so cute! I just love that top!

Very pretty!

Very nice - I also knitted the baby halter for a new arrival for cousins in Columbia, SC - the hottest place in the Southeast! It was fun and quick to knit!


Beautiful :heart: :heart:

Oh, that’s soooo pretty. I just love Cotton Fleece. :heart:

What a small world we live in.

It turned out great :smiley: That’s too funny, small, small world :wink: