FO: Kata Blessing Scarf

Hello All! I finally got this scarf off my needles last night - inspired to finish so that I can do a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves to match it. It is the Kata Blessing Scarf from [color=blue]Mindful Knitting[/color], which is a great book that reminds us to stay in the present and enjoy the relaxation that comes with repetitive knitting.

very pretty. i love the yarn. Looks a bit like pebbles. :smiley:

Thank you SandraEllen! I thought this was the right kind of “earthy” yarn for such a project :wink:

The yarn is Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in the shade #121 - Brindle (85% wool/ 10% silk/ 5% cashmere; 104 yds per 50g ball). I bought it online at Patternworks, and it was knit with US size 8’s.

gorgeous!! :heart: :heart:

Absolutely lovely. perfect choice of yarn!

It’s gorgeous, as are you :wink:

Beautiful! :cheering:

Nice scarf too!

I was going to say the same thing - both the scarf & yourself are SO pretty!! I love the look of that yarn. :slight_smile:

beautiful scarf! i love the yarn.

rebecca got to it before i did - you are so beautiful and the scarf is lovely too!

I adore it, and the natural looking colors are so sweet. Good job!

Thank you so MUCH! I’m blushing all over myself!

Ooooh, I :heart: :heart: it! :slight_smile:

I still have this one of my ever growing list.

Beautiful! :slight_smile: :happydance:

That’s so pretty! I love the yarn and the stitch pattern.

That’s beautiful! :thumbsup:

Love that - you are a beautiful lady! And that scarf is fabulous. What other patterns are in the book? Anything else worth doing?

I was noticing - you live in Florida - clearly that scarf belongs with someone, in, say OHIO!

Hey kitkat - thanks!!! And you’re right, scarves in FL is quite a laugh. :smiley: I travel all over though and winter will be here before we know it! (GROAN)

I did find a few other patterns in the book worth knitting; very simple stuff like a bath towel and washcloth set, another novelty scarf and an easy pullover. All of them are very basic though, no shaping, just meant to be easy “mindful” knitting (which really means you can avoid concentrating too hard on the knitting and get your meditation on).

Personally, I would buy a book like this one. I took it out of our local library and enjoyed it while it was here. I really liked the perspective of using your breathing and posture to stay relaxed while knitting. Most of the patterns are short so if you go the library route, you can just copy them out to complete the project and give the book back for the next patron :wink:

I agree with SandraEllen, the first thing I thought of was a pebbly riverbank, with all those natural colors.

I love those colors, and it really looks good on you too.


I love it, it looks so natural and earthy!

Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous scarf, gorgeous you! Nice work, J! :heart: