FO - Kai-Mei Socks

These are my Kai-Mei socks, from Cookie A’s book, [U]Sock Innovation[/U]. This is the third pattern that I’ve knit from this book…that’s how good it is!


I used Socks That Rock, a gift from a fellow KH’er and a dear friend. The color is Jade. The yarn is FABULOUS! It knits up a lot thicker than one might think.


I knit seven panel repeats (across the foot). I’ve read that a lot of people do eight or nine, but because the yarn was so thick, I cut that number down. I used size 0 needles and 115 grams of the yarn.


Here are a few more pictures…



A special thanks to my daughter, who braved 90+ heat and humidity to take these pictures while I posed.

Thanks for looking!!


:inlove: Beautiful!

I REALLY like those!

sock fashion at its best!

You are the sock knitting Queen Nathalie! Another gorgeous pair!! Were they difficult? They don’t look [I]too[/I] hard!

They are GORGEOUS!!!

Sock envy here! Simply divine!

Hi all! Thanks for the kind words. They are music to my soul! :heart:

This pattern was surprisingly easy…especially compared to some of the cabled socks I’ve made.

In fact, once I got to the foot, these socks FLEW off my needles. Seriously. That’s how easy they were. I didn’t even find the ribbing toilsome. These were some of the easiest and definitely the fastest socks I’ve ever knit.

Go for it!!!

WOW!! loving the work.

I agree with Marg, Natalie, you are the sock-knitting QUEEN!


That pair is gorgeous:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: I’ve only knit 1 pair from the same book and enjoyed it so much! Cookie is a sock genious.

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Well done!!!

Very nice! I love the lil swoop and that foot pose…:muah:

Lovely knitting job, just started knitting socks and love it! These are gorgeous!

Those are really nice! I :heart: them! :cheering:

What a fabulous job on a great pattern!! Love, love, love them!

Those socks certainly do rock! They are incredible!

Great job! And that’s a lovely pattern you found as well … very unique! :cheering:

Those are so beautiful!!! I have always wanted to try socks. Great job!