FO just a scarf

So here’s my scarf I made out of the yarn my mil got for me. It’s Tahki’s Bunny Print. Nice and soft wool in a pretty verigated color. I just CO 16 stitches and k1p1.

more photos

very nice scarf! After seeing all the crazy patterns people make, I still love a good ole k1p1 design :slight_smile: Love the color too!

So pretty !!!

Very pretty! Love the yarn and you can’t beat k1p1 can you?

Looks beautiful…nice and soft and cuddly! Good job! :muah:

What pretty colors! And k1p1 the whole way?


Lovely job and I just love that colourway. I so wish I wasn’t allergic to wool. The nicest colourways are always in wool. Oh well, keep up the good work!

Very pretty. I like the colorway.

Hi Debbie! I think I have seen you on Ravelry


Oh that’s a pretty scarf, I like the colors, too!

That is so pretty, Lori! Love it!

“Just a Scarf”, but it is like basic black. You can never go wrong with this kind of basic scarf in a pretty yarn.

Aw shucks. Thanks for all the compliments. Ain’t it the way the simplest things always come out the best. I try these complicated lacey, or cabely things thinking I’ll wow people with it but its always the simple stuff. :muah:

:inlove: love the colors!! Great job :thumbsup:

Looks pretty, and I love the colors!

Very pretty!

Very pretty! :cheering:

Fun colors! Looks good.