FO: Julissa Sweater

I could not wait to snap a few pictures even though it is 36C/97F outside!
The pattern is called Julissa by Vanessa Smith. The yarn I used is 220 Superwash Paints by Cascade. I am loving the colour way.
Overall a fun pattern and a great fit!

So glad you toughed out the high temps to take some pictures. The sweater looks perfect on you and it is indeed lovely colors. Won’t this be fun to wear when the temperatures finally do go down?

Wowzer! That is one fabulous looking sweater–great color, great fit, and gorgeous knitting. Well done! No, I take that back, but even [I]magnificent[/I] isn’t good enough, so I guess it will have to do!

I, too, am glad you “sweated it out” for these pics! Thanks for sharing.

That’s gorgeous! Great job on it! :thumbsup:

Beautiful sweater, great fit, and fantastic knitting!

Great looking sweater and the colorway is gorgeous. Though a little sweaty for current temps, it’ll be warm as toast in the fall! :inlove:

It’s absolutely DIVINE! Great work! Good combination of color, yarn, and design!

Thank you everyone for your kind and warm comments! I just love knitting so much, it is definitely my passion!

oh I am sooo Jealous! You did a great job! It looks so very professional and a perfect fit! love it!