FO:jScooby Blanket Done!

:woohoo: Its done…I saw a photo of this blanket and just knew i had to make it…my brother and i loved scooby when we were growing up and when i saw it i knew it was the colors of the van.I think it turned out really good and it was fast and easy…only took me a week.I used Caron Simply Soft Brites in,berry blue,limelight and mango.You hold 2 strands together through out and use a big hook.I could only work on it at night becouse it been so hot here :hot: but it was worth it :woot:

The Van!!

Close-up of the flowers…i had to make them 1 at a time and sew them on!!


Great job! I love it! :slight_smile:

That is amazing! Fantastic job!!! :cheering:


groovy!!! I love Scooby!! you got the colors just right and the flowers look great.

Thanks everyone…it was really fun to make and mt DD has already stole it :yay:

Great job!! I love Scooby Doo. It was almost the only cartoon I’d watch. Far-out, man!!

That is so cute! Great job!

:yay::yay::yay:Wonderful!!! I love it. Great job.

Once again thanks everyone!!

Great job on the Scooby Doo blanket! I love the orange flowers.


Dang. That is pretty cool! The color matches perfectly.

WOW… I’ve not really looked in this forum before because I am a crochet dunce…but your topic drew me in. What a fabulous job!! :slight_smile: It looks wonderful and very professionally put together. Lovely job on the flowers also.

That is so excellent! It’s beautiful in and of itself, aside from the Scooby theme, although the fact that it’s Scooby makes it all the cooler… I love it!

Thanks everyone…its so nice to be able to show your work to others :hug:

OMG! It only took you a week!? HOW?! Haha. It would take me ages! I made a scarf once, as long as that or so, and it took me a week! My wrist was killing me at the end of it.

I didn’t see the one week bit…ONE week!!? :passedout:

That is too cute! I love it! :cheering:

The ScoobyDoo blanket is AWESOME!!:notworthy:
You did a great job!
The checks and flowers are beautiful.
The colors are wonderful.

Thanks you so much!! :aww:

I wish i could Knit as fast as i can crochet…i have been crocheting for 26 years so i guess thats why im so fast at it where ive only just learned ti Knit!!