FO: Jayne Cobb Hat AKA The ugliest hat ever

I hate this hat. I hate it with a passion. Fortunately, the guy I made it for LOVES it and is very happy with it.

If you’re like I was before this project, you have no idea what a Jayne Cobb hat is. Apparently a character in the short-lived tv show Firefly wore this hat and it’s become kind of a cult obsession. Why? I have no idea.

I don’t think it’s ugly, but it is very bright! Is the guy a crossing guard? :lol:

hahah no, he’s just a fan of the show and wanted a really warm hat. I think it fits the bill :teehee:

:teehee: my son would love that, he always picks out Orange for his knitted items…usually wants lime green thrown in too. It’s not ugly at all you did a great job and he loves it :thumbsup:

HA! It’s awesome! In a totally OMG what are you wearing on your head type way…haha…You did a great job!

If you’ve ever watched the show, you’d understand why. :wink:

Great job!

I think it looks cool . It is obviously what he wanted and as long as he loves it then this project has been a success:)

A fun hat, rather like having a candle flame on top of your head. :slight_smile: We get a little idea about the kind of guy your friend is from this hat… not a shrinking violet. Good job.

I LOVE THAT HAT!!! I would SOOOOOOO wear it!!!

Definitely not. He goes by the nickname “Cheezy Mad Man”, hahaha

I love it! Of course, I’m a huge Firefly fan. You did a great job.

Oops! I accidentally clicked reply when I meant to post a new thread. Ignore this post please!

I like it! My dad wanted an earflap hat and I might do a similar pattern but different colors.


great job, I am glad your friend loves it.

LOL, I was so not expecting your results when I clicked on this thread. I don’t think it’s ugly at all … different maybe, but I’d classify it more as a fun hat. I love it!

Beautiful!!I love the colors:heart:

Well the colors are ones I would never wear, nor use in my house decor - anywhere! but kids might like it, and your friend sure does, so congrats on a job-well-done. The knitting is nice and smooth.

Are you calling it “the ugliest…” because of the colors alone? cuz otherwise, the pattern looks cozy.

I guess it’s a combination of the colors with the pattern. Not something I would wear unless I was [I]desperate[/I] for warmth :teehee:

I’m almost finished with my 4th one! DS and I love Firefly. These have been for him and a couple of friends. I agree, its not the most beautiful hat, but they have had so much fun with them. He was taking one for a birthday gift and I asked “will he know what this is?” DS says “of course” I said, that’s good, I wouldn’t want someone to think I picked those colors on my own! It is a really warm hat (I made mine with 2 strands of Vanna’s Choice) His friends have really loved them and it made me feel really good!

At Christmas, I made small one’s (it was a brooch pattern) and put a loop on them for ornaments. They were a big hit.

I think you are a great friend for making this.