FO: "Japanese Feather" Stole

This seemed to take forever plus one day! :eyes:

It used 6 balls of Jojoland Melody superwash. Lots and lots of yardage. Gah! I knit two balls, and took a month break. Knit another 2 balls…took another month break. Like that!

It’s 36"x72". I’m aiming to take it with me to air-conditioned events (with our church, dressy) this summer, to toss over my legs, or around my shoulders…and not look like an ancient old lady with a flannel blanket on her knees!

My Rav notes.

Oh, it’s beautiful, beautiful!!!
I need something like that, being cold all the time.
It’s very, very lovely!

Well forget ancient old lady with her flannel blanket and say hello to elegant woman in gorgeous wrap. I’m not surprised that it took awhile after seeing the outpouring of lovely finished items in just the past few days. Another terrific addition that is a pleasure to see. You’re an inspiration!

Dollyce, please tell me what DO you do in your ‘spare’ time…Your work is such an inspiration to all here on the KH Forum and let me tell you, keeps me going. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations.

I’ve never had so many WIPS in my life! Major projects, all 75-95% complete, except for blocking, or seaming!

I have one.additional cardigan ready for blocking. I should be doing it right now as I type! The weather has been sunny and warm, the sun pours in the windows of my knitting/blocking room…and the Wings of Desire scarf and Japanese Feather stole dried overnight!

We’ve been trying to economize on electricity this past winter, heating only our family room to 72°, and allowing the rest of the house to drop to whatever it wants to…but those chillier room temps don’t work very well with wet knits on a blocking table. I swear, some of the pieces could mold before they dried! :teehee:

Holy cow! You are a knitting machine! :zombie: It’s beautiful, Dollyce!

I want to know where you get your patterns. Every FO I’ve seen from you has been STUNNING.

:heart: :heart: :heart: Just fabulous!


Love these colors, and the pattern is gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to make something similar to this, but I have yet to find the perfect yarn.

Great work!

So gorgeous, I can’t even give it descriptors!.. (oops, I guess “gorgeous” is a descriptor) heh.

Very pretty lace pattern, ArtLady! Love the way the colors striped too!!

Oh My…just stunning! Fabulous, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic etc etc etc!~:cheering:

It is beautiful and what a wonderful thing to have when you get chilly.

It’s beautiful! Didn’t you make a scarf with this (or similar) pattern? The name rings a bell but I am too lazy (pretendtobebusy) to search for the thread.

Plus, it keeps a conversation going :slight_smile:

[B]Ravelry[/B]! has a huge pattern data base! It’s endless, I swear!

I also faithfully follow the new releases put out by Twist Collective. All of the designs are by different designers! They are all purchased on a pdf basis…so no need to purchase an entire $30 book to get one pattern!

Also, sometimes I look through general categories, like “scarf” for instance. Scarves are like jewelry, you can’t own too many scarves…and great for gifting, too!

I also ‘follow’ several of my favorite designers on Ravely, in their “Group”. When she/he has a new design, it will be advertised there in their Group.

For example: BROOKLYN TWEED (Jared Flood). Oh my, he is a talent! He does everything from A to Z…hats, scarves, shawls, garments.

Other favorite designers are:



Twist Collectivehas a Groupat Ravelry, too!

One of my Rav BFF’s also sends me links to great patterns she has stumbled upon at Ravelry! I frequently get a message from her that just says: Look at this! :teehee: Which I always do…and end up with another pattern in my library!

That’s definitely pretty, would love to make my wife one.

Beautiful, just beautiful. :heart: You have a lot of knitting endurance so I’m surprised you had to take breaks (for other knitting no doubt). The colors are scrumptious together. I love the bottom picture with the piece lying in a relaxed heap, looks like it could be a bowl of some sort of fruit soup or something else good enough to eat.

I noticed in the top picture that all sides seem to have “points” and then the one of it folded it looks straight along 2 sides. What happened there? Which is it going to be in the long run?

The sides were pinned out to be pointy, the ends to be wavy…but after I haul it around all over creation all four sides are wavy. The exaggerated points simmer themselves down. Not worried either way cuz this stole is meant for hard use, which is why I like this design. It’s hardy. Not delicate.

It took me soooooo long because I got bored with it after 440 yards (two balls). The stole is six balls worth of yarn! I’d stop and work on something else, you’re absolutely correcto.