FO: Jan's hat pattern

…with some modifications…I used a #8 needle, cast on 88 stitches, worked ribbing in K1, P1, then increased to 110 stitches while working pattern of K6, P4.

I used Paton’s Classic Wool and color is New Denim.

Am going to make a matching scarf next.

Thanks, Jan!


Wow! You’re welcome! It looks awesome! :thumbsup:

Tres cute!


Nice! Love the color!!

The hat is so cute. Can you share the complete pattern?

She based it on info that I shared when I posted my finished hats. I don’t have a complete pattern, but here’s the post where I talked about what I did.

As Jan said, there is no pattern, but based on the info she provided and notes I made as I went along this is how I made the hat for a larger head:

Using #8 needles, cast on 88 stitches. Work ribbing in K1, P1 for 1 1/2 inches.

Increase row to establish pattern: K1, inc in back of stitch, K2, K1, inc in back of stitch (6 stitches for cable), P4; work 6 knit stitches and 4 purl stitches to last 7 stitches; work an increase in each of the next 3 knit stitches (6 stitches for cable), P4. Should now have 110 stitches and pattern set for 11 cables with 4 purl stitches between each cable.

Knit in pattern for 7 inches working cable every 8 rows (3 stitches to cable needle; holding needle in back of work knit 3 stitches from left needle, then 3 stitches from cable needle). Jan went 8 rows before starting the cables, but I started on the 4th row.

At 7 inches I was on the 6th row of the cable pattern and this is where I started the decreases. Change to DPNs as needed.

Row: Knit 6 stitches, P2 tog, P2, K6…repeat across row.
Next row: work in pattern.
Row: Knit 6 stitches for cable, P2 tog, P1, K6…repeat across row.
Next row: work in pattern
Row: Knit 6 stitches, P2 tog, K6, repeat across row.
Next row: work in pattern.
Row: K2 tog, K2, K2 tog, P1…repeat across row. (I did not decrease the last purl stitch and kept it to the end.)
Next row: work in pattern.
Row: K2 tog, K2 tog, P1
Row: K2 tog across row…I don’t remember if I worked the P1 in this row, but there should be 22 stitches after the last row. Cut yarn and using tapestry needle thread the yarn through the stitches, tie off, and weave the end in.

Another version of the hat would be to work the ribbing for 3 inches to fold over for a brim and work to about 9 1/2 inches before decreasing.

I tried to make the directions as clear as possible, but if you have any questions please feel free.


It`s really nice. I love all the cables!

Oh yeah!!! Very nice!!! I love hats! Can’t have enough shoes, bags and hats!!!

Suh-weet! cloud9