FO: Jamaica Log Cabin

This started out following the Log Cabin arrangement called [B]Moderne Baby Blanket[/B] by the Mason-Dixon gals. I had to tweak my logs due to yarn constraints. But, it used up a boatload of bulky weight yarns that had been in [COLOR=DarkRed]YARN JAIL [/COLOR]since forever. I purchased new yarn for the black border.
[B]Total dimensions: [/B]46"x70" (long enough for a good nap!)
[B]Yardage: [/B]2,216 yds (bulky weights)
[B]Needle: [/B] US11 (24" circs to start out and 32" circs at the end)

:happydance: it looks great!

I Love it . The colours all blend in perfectly ! Lovely work :slight_smile:

That’s really lovely! You should be a color designer for folks that are ‘handicapped’ in that area.

Congratulations on all the destashing.

That is gorgeous! :yay:

Beautiful! It would make a great play mat for a baby – the colors are so bright and pretty. Did you weave in the ends as you went along?

Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :smiley: You always do everything so quick!

It’s fantastic! Great use of bulky yarn and the colors work great!!!


Beautiful and very cozy I bet? How much do you think it weighs? :slight_smile:

So bright and cheerful! :slight_smile:

Not much really! It is a loosey-goosey gauge! :happydance:

I sure did! I ‘take my medicine’ as I go along, on all projects, not just this one! Oh how tedious it is to weave in ends ALL AT THE END! :teehee:

You know, it really would be nice for a baby-on-the-floor mat!
Really nice idea, however, my baby days are long gone…and all my daughters and daughters-in-law have ‘closed up shop’.

I’m now waiting for my 22 yr old granddaughter to open up shop! But first she has to graduate college, get married, and her biological clock has to GONG!

Good news though, she’s engaged to a Hispanic young man, who’s also in college, and I think he’s a ‘keeper’. It’s serious, and we all love him. Hispanic men are usually thumbs up for having children! Oh, and his family adores her, too! :happydance:

Here she is:

This is her beloved Jose.

She was my first grandbaby, and she was the only grandbaby for about 10 years. Then the other children started kicking in, and now we have a total of 10 grands, ages 3-12!

The first grandbaby is always special. :heart:

You can’t be old enough to have a 22 year old Granddaughter!!!:passedout:
She is beautiful just like her grandma!

Wow, it’s great! The colors are so vibrant, and I love that pattern. It looks so cozy.

Gorgeous! Love the fun colors! You sure are having fun with that pattern! :slight_smile:

It’s beautiful! Your granddaughter is very pretty - they make a lovely looking couple! I’m sure they will make beautiful children together :wink:

That blanket is gorgeous! I love that mix of colors! :inlove:



Between your knitted and living works of art (i.e. children and grandchildren), you are just amazing! God has certainly smiled down on you.


The blanket is gorgeous as is your granddaughter.


Beautiful blanket and granddaughter!! Evocative of Mondrian’s art – the blanket, not the granddaughter :wink: