FO: I've never knit a logo before!

Strangely, over the years I had to produce a few logos for various projects but that’s the first I had to [I]knit[/I] :slight_smile:

It’s for the new charity knitting project that is in the ‘start up’ stage. It stands for ‘Let your heart guide your needles’.

This is the source

and these are a logo and a banner for Ravelry

Excellent design Olha!

I love it!!:cheering::cheering:

Excellent. :heart:

That’s a neat looking logo and its nicely done. Your increases and decreases are flawless (mine–not so much)!

Your increases and decreases are flawless

Which increase method did you use? I can’t tell just by looking.

Thanks! I used kfb (knit front and back) on each row for increases. For decreases it was regular ssk and k2tog. So all these socks and mittens paid off after all! :slight_smile:

I love it. It says just the right thing!:muah:

Very simple and graphic design. Well done!

NICE! :thumbsup: