FO--It's official!

I took a break from the scarf I was making because i was so anxious to start the booties for my baby. I was so nervous. I didnt think I would be able to do it. I thought me being a beginner I would’nt be able to take on anything that that would actually require a pattern. Well, I have to say I am very proud of myself. I’m sure I could have done a better job but I am more than satisfied. I hope you guys think I did ok. Let me know! Here they are:

they are gorgeous!!! you did a wonderful wonderful job!

They look lovely. Well done.

So sweet ! :slight_smile:

:happydance: too cute! Great job

you did a very nice job!!

Gorgeous! You did a fabulous job! :slight_smile:

Aww those are so cute! Great job on them!:thumbsup:

You did a fantastic job!! They are adorable!

Those came out beautifully! Great job!:woohoo:

You should be very proud of your first booties. They look great. They remind me of little moccasins.

I can’t remember seeing cuter booties! ADORABLE! And I just love the purity of white! :heart:

They’re perfect and you did great! The baby will be nice and warm in them…do we know what gender the babe is yet?

We don’t know yet. Thats the reason i made them white. I figuered when i do find out I can weave in a ribbon with the appropraite color. :happydance:

Oh! They are SOOO Cute!!! You did a great job!! I know what you mean about being afraid of following a pattern. Some of them look so confusing I just give up before I even start! But, when I did my stocking - I used a magnetic board and little strip magnets so that I only looked at one like of the pattern at a time and it helped it not be so intimidating!

Your booties are SO cute and I know you are excited!! Congratulations!! Are you going to make a little hat or sweater go match?

Congrats! They’re awesome!

Thank you! I plan on making a little hat!:woot:

The booties are so darling and you did a wonderful job. I love the purity of white. :thumbsup:

How adorable! :thumbsup: You did well on them.

Those are adorable-booties are such fun to make~and to put on those little baby feet!!! :heart: