FO: it was an accident

A couple of weeks ago I posted photos of a summer dress for my old 18" doll - it turned out pretty well, not exactly what I planned but fine, I like it, I just wanted the skirt a little fuller, but I usually get things [I]too[/I] big.

Then I decided a sunhat would be the thing to go with it. (partly cause she has such an ugly hairstyle, I’d like to try making hats for her regardless of the season).

So I did, and here’s my first attempt. Once again, it doesn’t “quite” fit, to put it mildly. (as usual, too big!) I should be annoyed with myself for not getting it right I guess, but when I took the photos I realized - look at the [I]profile[/I] photo. The dress and hat - isn’t she almost a perfect “Sunbonnet Sue”!??? :happydance:

I couldn’t have done that if I tried lol. She’s so silly looking, she’s adorable. I smile every time I walk by the cabinet. So instead of ripping out the hat, she can be Sunbonnet Sue for the summers, and I have (yet another) “failure” that can act as a future pattern.

Gosh, knitting is just one big adventure after another.:stuck_out_tongue:

[COLOR=Blue][B]This is so darn cute!!![/B][/COLOR]

If I had “accidents” like yours, I would never have to rip anything out! It looks great! Very cute.

Thanks :slight_smile:

LOLOL, as long as I only knit for dolls! Scary to think what I’d look like if I was wearing my own knit creations tho’ :roflhard:

Keep having more accidents like that! The hat and dress look great on your doll. I hope you took notes so that you can make more for her wardrobe.

Oh yes, I always make DETAILED notes, and take photos along the way. Trying not to make the same mistakes twice :slight_smile:

I don’t get a lot of time for knitting, cause I don’t knit in the evenings, so if I didn’t write everything down I’d forget what I’d done from one project to the next, and I’d never learn. With notes & pic’s, there’s hope! :stuck_out_tongue:

She looks very cute and stylish and look she is smiling so she likes it too!

How very CUTE!