FO: Irish Spring Scarf

Scarf i designed myself… double stranded pretty simple patten i guess. i actually made 2 of them. the first was k2p2 but is way too thick so i made a second one k1p1 which is quite nice. i can’t wait for the cold weather. i may just have to move to Minnesota so i can wear it more

Very nice scarf . I love all the different shades you have used :slight_smile:

What a beautiful scarf! I love how you bleneded the colors. The scarf is so calming to look at! My husband would love a scarf that looks like that!

:happydance: it looks great!!

That is gorgeous! The colors you chose and the way you used them is what makes the scarf. :thumbsup:

That’s a really cool scarf :^) Beautiful and it looks cozy!

I love your scarf! I love the colors and the way you used them. Nice work.

Looks so warm and cozy, great job!

I really love this scarf. What kind of yarn did you use for this?

Great scarf with lovely colors. Good to have another guy posting here, also.

Ooo, I like it. Very simple, but nice work and I like the way you used your yarns. Will be a very warm scarf.

Very nice! I love the color design!!! :thumbsup:

Wow, it turned out beautiful! Love the striping.

i used paton’s classic wool merino, or something like that, in winter white, dark olive, and leaf green. since it was double stranded i had 2 balls of each color going. i want to say that was enough for the 2 scarves but i could be mistaken.

… hat and mittens soon to follow

Great scarf! Look forward to seeing the hat and mittens :slight_smile:

I live in MN and you would definitely need that gorgeous scarf!! Nice job!!

Great looking scarf :thumbsup: