FO Irish hiking scarf

I just finished this scarf for a Xmas present. The pattern is listed on this site under the pattern section. This scarf is 100% bulky wool with 11 needles. Now I have started that SnB alien illusion scarf but I can tell that it going to take awhile.

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Your scarf looks so great! Love the green color!

That is beautiful! Who is the lucky person that gets it? I love the color, too. Great job! :thumbsup:

STUNNING I love, love it :smiley:

WOW! That is gorgeous! :thumbsup:

Green :?? Looks brown to me. Eh, Whatever, its fabulous. I’m making the same scarf for me in Angel hair, blue.

THAT IS AWESOME!!! love that pattern.
who is the lucky recipient?

could be brown… looking at it again I am thinking that it is less green than what I thought before. My monitor color was off this morning thanks to my little man so that might have been it.

What color is it really? :roflhard:

Otherwise beautiful!!

Gorgeous! I think I might have to make that now that I see your picture.

Beautiful and classic! Excellent! :cheering:

That looks great!! Who are you giving it to?

Absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!

How funny – on my monitor it looks dark grey.

Well, whatever the color, it’s a gorgeous scarf!

I really want to make one of these! Nice job.

That is georgeous! :inlove:

Gorgeous gray scarf! :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’s an ususual color. It also looks different to me at times. The more light on it, the more green. It’s actually a dark green. I washed it carefully after knitting and it became sooooo soft. I made it for a lifetime male friend of ours. I keep thinking that I might tell him that if he doesn’t care for it or does not like scarfs to feel comfortable telling me so I can make something else for him that he would enjoy. Then I would know that the gift will be used and enjoyed. I would hate for it to gather dust in the back of the closet. Would that be rude?

Great job on it!!! :happydance: :thumbsup:

Very nice work! I love cabled scarves. And that color is really neat-- I love that it sort of changes colors!

Yeah, tell him that if scarves aren’t his thing you can make something that is–he might appreciate that! There’s always the risk that he’ll take it just to be nice, but it’s worth a try asking.

Gorgeous!! I love love love that - but I have to ask, what yarn did you use??