FO-Irish Hiking Scarf!

This is my second Irish Hiking Scarf! This time it’s for me!
It matches the collar of my winter coat perfectly!!!
I love the pattern, esp. the way it looks when it’s done. This one took me longer than the last one, because I’d started a couple other projects in the middle of it for kimmie’s compassionate knitting project, but on Sunday morning I finished it up. Now I’m going to make the 3am cabled hat from the same yarn to match it!:happydance:


PS- Forgot to mention it’s about 5 feet long!

Very pretty! GREAT color! What is the yarn? I love the texture of IHS, don’t you?

Wow, that looks great. Much better than mine. Great job!

Good job!

Wow! That is very pretty:)…I really am going to have to make one…I’ll add it to my list…sigh

Very pretty!! I love the color :happydance:

Hi! :muah:
Thank you all!

Slim, the yarn is Red Heart in “burgundy”…I know, kinda cheap…:shifty:

But anyway, it does pretty well when it’s knitted, and it’s not scratchy at all, which is good. I have scratchiness issues…:roll::teehee:

Thanks again!

Beautiful! :heart: Love the color!

BTW is that your dog in the avatar? He looks. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .UNHAPPY :shock:


Looks great. Love the colour

No, it’s not my dog. I wish! Alas, I am allergic.:waah::waah:

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