FO - Irish Hiking Scarf

Very ironic that I did a lot of the knitting on this cold-weather product and finished it during this 3-day heat wave in NYC. But that’s what happens when it’s so disgustingly hot that you just want to sit in front of the AC and not move!

I knit this in Frog Tree merino color 31 - used 3 skeins. Love this pattern and can’t wait to knit more IHS’s for Christmas presents!

That turned out great! I was thinking of making one as a Christmas gift. I think you’ve convinced me. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Beautiful job, Cindy! That color is beautiful! Good for you for starting on Christmas presents!

That Positively Glows!

It’s beautiful - love the color… (and the kitty feet!! Tee hee!) :slight_smile:


Beautiful and your cables are perfect!!! WOW!!

looks great! I’m thinking about making one of these in KP Swish for my DH for christmas.


That color’s just amazing! I love it. :heart:

Wow!! That is just gorgeous! What a beautiful color and it looks soooooooo soft!

Perfection! It’s so beautiful!

Gorgeous! I can even see how soft and yummy the yarn is coming right through the picture!

Ohh that’s pretty! I love that color too :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: IT’S GORGEOUS :thumbsup:

Gorgeous knitting! And that color just GLOWS and shows your perfect stitching so well! :heart: