FO: Irish Hiking scarf

I finally finished moms Irish Hiking scarf. I got it done just in time to give it to her when we went down this weekend. First words out of her mouth were “It’s perfect!” Nice to be validated like that :slight_smile:
Specs. Irish Hiking scarf from Hello,
Knit Pics Sierra I used 3 full skiens for that scarf mom loves the length but if it were for me I would have added another skein full of yarn.
size 9 needles
The black was rather hard to knit with but it was worth it. :thumbsup:
And now for the pics.

it’s beautiful!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Gorgeous! :heart: Great colour too =D

:cheering: Beautiful!!!

Spectabulous! Black goes wtih everything, perfect choice!

WONDERFUL :smiley: Looks like Mom loves it :thumbsup:

Oooooo, nice!! Having just finished one myself, I know how you feel!

Great job!! :happydance:

It’s gorgeous! I’m glad she likes it!

It’s beautiful, and your mom looks adorable in it! :smiley:

My mom is so funny. She never looks right at the camera. Thanks for the compliments guys. This forum is great for the ego :wink:
Black is the perfect color for her just because she changes coats as often as I change bags. :roflhard:

She’s right, it’s fabulous!
Don’t you just love cables?

So pretty, and it looks great on her!
Nice work!!

It is beautiful! I’ve been wanting to make one of these…yours is inspirational!