Fo: Ipod cozy bag #2

I finished James Ipod touch cozy bag :slight_smile: I hope he loves it

his is unfilled in that picture next to mine which has my broken ipod in it :slight_smile: a gift from him which have to fix, but never the less, the 2 cozy bags match, a yin yang like effect :slight_smile:

It’s always so nice to knit something so useful! Great work!

Those are great!

How’d your new iPod get broken? Bummer!

The iPod cozies are great ideas and they both look wonderful. They’ll offer some protections and definitely make it easier to carry with you. Nice work!

Well james’s older sister… threw her ipod against the wall, she gave it to him cause she didn’t want it anymore, he gave it to me, and now I have to get it fixed, but it’s so worth it, cause I’ve never had an Ipod before

Don’t let her near it when it gets fixed! :teehee:

You got that right… she doesn’t know how to handle electronics at all

Nice job on both your cozies. I bet the BF loves his!!

Now to get that iPod fixed so you can have something to put in your cozy!

He said he would take it with him where ever he goes :slight_smile: