FO Infusion Sweater

I started this one before I was diagnosed with IBD but put it down for years. It was too intricate to knit without looking while at the dentist. After diagnosis I got a bidet and needed tiny towels slightly different than all the rough seed stitch wash cloths I have so it still sat in spite of constant Dr visits.
I picked it back up slightly before Drs decided my IBD was Crohn’s and I started getting 3 hour infusions every 8 weeks. I wasn’t to the arm join when I started infusions. About a year of that and it’s finally done.

Went up to size 9, the Simply Soft is extremely soft with that size and it’s not as hot as another cabled sweater I made. It also fits better since I had the other to go off and make adjustments.
Ready to start plotting an aran.


Wow, what a gorgeous sweater! Good for you getting it done!

Sorry to hear about your IBD/Crohns. I don’t have IBD, but I was in the hospital for a week last summer with an abdominal/bowel abscess. Fortunately IV antibiotics in hospital and at home got rid of it. I didn’t do any knitting while this was going on…I was too ill. However, I did make a hat “in my head” when I had to have an MRI several years ago and needed to be distracted so I wouldn’t freak out in the tube. I ended up making it for real when I got home. :wink:

Hope you find relief now for your health issues.

Very good-looking sweater and a handsome model. The color is lovely and the workmanship is beautiful. Bravo!

Yes, not an easy diagnosis or disease. I wish you well and hope that things improve with your treatment.

I have IBS and that’s miserable enough so Crohns must be hellish :frowning: Lovely jumper, I love the colour

Thnaks, Jan. I didn’t realize bowel abscesses were a thing for others except diverticulitis. Stupid bodies.
I love MRIs, “Are you claustrophobic?” “No I’m agoraphobic, I want to stay in the tube.” The agoraphobia (actually gut stuff but was told “all in your head” 29 years ago and my head took over) is why I started knitting.

Thanks, Salmonmac and Evie.

It may have been diverticulitis, but they were unsure. When it had shrunk enough to get a colonoscopy I didn’t have a lot of diverticula an no apparent other disease. So while it seems the likely cause no definite diagnosis of that. I never thought about how agoraphobia would figure in to an MRI! Interesting!

I’m not sure that’s the reason but it makes sense to my way of thinking. I’m not a fan of crowds and one wouldn’t fit in the tube.


Wow, that is fantastic knitting! The cables are perfect.

You have my empathy on your health troubles.

Thanks lunarbipolarity.

The sweater looks fantastic, Mike! The thing I hate about MRI’s is the noise! How could you think in there, Jan? Can’t even nap!

They are noisy, but I had to keep my eyes closed and just concentrated on my thoughts.

Thanks, pslane.
The noise reminded me of a giant old dial up modem. :smile: