FO: Infinity Cowl and Mitts

I made this for my dear mom to wear in the coming fall and winter (but modeled by me). The pattern is Infinity Trinity Cowl and Mitts. Link for pattern ishere.

What a great gift for mom! I’m sure she’ll love them! And what a gorgeous model too! :wink:
ETA: I loved them so much, I just downloaded the pattern! Thanks for sharing it! :slight_smile:


Oh, way cool! Those are so very elegant–even if they do look a little warm for you right now. :wink:

Have you given them to your mom yet? I bet she will be so happy with them.

Thanks for sharing the pics and the pattern link, too.

What lovely gifts! I’m sure your mom will be delighted (and kept warm all winter). Thanks for the pattern link. I’ve been looking for a gift for my sister and you have just solved a problem for me.

It is just lovely and your mom will just love it. You did a great job on it too!

I’m sure she’ll love it :slight_smile: it’s very very nice


Thank you everybody for your warm and kind responses!

Wonderful work! You’re a dear sweet daughter! :hug:

Your Mom will love them! And they are finished just in time for fall!

Beautiful cowl and mitts! Nice work. Moms are especially happy with gifts made by their daughters. She will be so proud to tell everyone her daughter made them for her.

They are just beautiful and what a fortunate mother you have.