FO: Indian Vest

I found a great [B]handpainted[/B] merino wool on the LYS TOUR a couple of weekends ago! (at the Knitty Purls shop in Langley) The yarn heralds from Sitka Alaska, and the colorway is named [B]“Alder Bark”. [/B] Two hanks only, each 275yds. The next day, at Renaissance Yarns, I purchased a contrasting “tan” yarn for the project.

My Ravelry notescontain the pattern information and the book. I’ve had
the pattern for years, but it’s still available. I’ve knit several Indian Vests
in the past. You know me. If it aint’ broke, don’t fix it. I find a design I like
and I stick with it, using different yarns to give it a different look.


Oh, I adore that yarn! So beautiful! I’m bad at picking out colors, maybe you should come along on my next LYS trip! :wink: Beautiful vest!

Love the vest! Great matching of yarns!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Stunning, as usual! :inlove: That yarn is GORGEOUS!

That is beautiful! I love the colorway.

That is lovely!!! As usual :inlove:

:yay:again, you do such beautiful work!

I love the color, resulting vest, the yarn, but most of all, I love that tree. You are so blest to have such a nice place to live. I’ve seen other pictures that you’ve posted before. I really love log homes.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Perfect knit, perfect buttons, perfect photos![/COLOR][/FONT]

Beautiful! Love those colors!! That yarn looks sooo soft!