FO: In Love With Color Throw


I hope I’m posting this right. I’m exhausted. I just finished this today after spending a few days piecing it together and crocheting the border. This is the In Love With Color Throw.

At least, my interpretation of it. I used Red Heart’s Super Saver rather than the called for Red Heart’s With Love yarn. The pattern was designed by Jessie Rayot. :smiley:


Fabulous! What a gorgeous throw. The colors are so beautiful and so is your work. It’s a treat to see so thank you for posting the photo.


Thank you!


Beautiful work!!




It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and the colors in the background just makes them all pop. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. :+1::grin:


Thank you very much! :blush:


Beautiful! So bright and cheerful. You, or whoever it’s for, will enjoy it for a long, long time.


Thanks! It’s for me. I get the feeling that someone will try to lay claim to it though. :laughing:


Beautiful work, thank you for sharing the pattern. I can’t wait to try this, this winter :grinning:


Thank you! Fair warning: It is a very warm project to have on your lap while crocheting. Especially in 90F weather. :sweat:

Winter would be the perfect time for it.