FO: In A Flap Purse

I made this for my good friend Jackie as a birthday present. It was really a fun knit - from Claire Crompton’s Knitted Bags - it’s a great book!

Best of all, Jackie really loved it -that’s what it’s all about! :heart:

That’s really cute ! Little bags like that are handy :slight_smile:

Nice job! Love the tweed color!

That’s pretty cool. A larger version of that would make a nice messenger bag.

that looks great!

Thanks everybody…I am ridiculously proud of it since it was my first foray into lining and button usage - I’m not by nature a great sewer so this is a great learning curve for me!

I agree…I’d like to make a larger bag kind of like ArtLady’s large version of the Booga Bag.

Isn’t it a great feeling to give someone something they love? Cute bag~~~

Looks great. Love the colors you used.

Your friend is a lucky lady. Beautiful job.:thumbsup:

Very cute! :cheering:

What a nice friend you are!

Cute bag!

:happydance: It looks great!!