FO: ImproVest

So, this is my first vest, which I essentially pulled out of thin air, with some help learning the concept for armholes and neckholes from this pattern. At first, I cast on about 200 stitches onto my thick circular needles, found out that it was far too many, and redid everything with 108 stitches.

Shaping the armholes and neckhole turned out to be far easier than I imagined. I couldn’t follow that pattern exactly since my needles and number of stitches differed from theirs. I was afraid that the holes would thus be horribly misshapen, but it turned out well when I added the ribbing. Overall, a good final result and a nice learning experience.

Congrats! Looks like it came out very nice!!

Wow, good job! :thumbsup:

Great work!

Looks great - you did a great job without using a pattern.

Looks like it turned out great!

This really turned out nice! I am very impressed with how the variegated colors distributed!
Very interesting! Great job!

That is VERY interesting! Great job :thumbsup:

Nice job!!