FO: Illusion double knit dishcloth?

This is my second FO. I was very interested in Momwolf’s illusion knitting projects, and I am currently working on a double knit hat. I thought, why not combine them! I just made this thing (I don’t even know what to call it) to try out this cool effect. :thumbsup: My kids picked out the yarn colors and I put each one’s initial in the color they picked.

That’s cute! What a great way to learn a new knitting style! Something small…

GREAT job!

That is really cool! I am amazed all the time at the neat stuff knitters can do.


that is really cool! great job! i’ll try that now! :woohoo:

Looks good!!! Isn’t Illusion knitting fun!!!

those look great!

:thumbsup: Great job!!

Looks great! And I love those two colors together.

Make sure that they take these to school to show their classmates/teacher. Even if they are older than the ‘typical’ show and tell… most elementary teachers will still let the kids do a quick show and tell.

Just tell your children to show their teachers how it works first and I’m sure the teacher will let them show their class and let others know how ‘cool’ knitting is!

Oh my gods, that’s amazing. You have my so excited to try out the Alice’s Illusion socks now.