FO: Ice Queen

I :inlove: knitting this cowl! It is Romi’s Ice Queen from Knitty. I used 1 skein of Rowan Kidsilk Haze, #633 Violetta and Bryspun needles. The beads (can’t see them too well) are Swarovski crystals.

That’s gorgeous! Great job.

Lovely, very soft looking. :thumbsup: Smoking rings are nice lace projects to do, since you do not have to commit to them like shawls and they still make pretty accessory items.

it’s so pretty. I have the same yarn and colorway to make mine. Just have to find the time to start it!

very,very pretty~!

Love the shine! Very pretty!

Beautiful :slight_smile:

So pretty!:yay:


This is so beautiful… I really want to try this pattern…

Lovely:heart:! How 'bout modeling it for us? Pretty please :wink:?

Its so pretty!! I love the color!!

Just lovely, and what a gorgeous color. Great job!

Wow! It’s beautiful. I know it’s drop dead gorgeous in person. It looks so soft and I’m sure those crystals give it an awesome sparkle!

It’s wonderful Ceci! Gorgeous!!!

I had to stare at it for a minute…I was trying to figure out where the COW was! “Hmmmm, that does not look like a cow…well, maybe in I squint, maybe if I tilt my head…hmmm, still doesn’t look anything like a COW. What am I missing here?”

DOH! I had misread the word [B]cowl[/B]. I didn’t see the “L” next to the exclamation mark! :teehee:

That is beautiful!!

Here are the modeling photos you requested. But I knit this for Joyce, a beloved friend… And thank you for your lovely comments. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this and am thrilled with how this turned out. And if you are thinking about knitting one - got for it! It is basically a feather and fan lace pattern…

It’s so delicate and airy:inlove: I :heart: it!

It’s lovely. Wish I could see the beads more clearly. What a gorgeous color!

Very, very beautiful!