FO - I finished guys! Take a look!

My first “real” project! Thank you all SO much for your help!!! Now on to my fitted knits book lol

Adrienne, that’s beautiful!! Good job!


Thank you!!! I learned SO much with this pattern!! But it will be a LONG time before I want to do another shrug lol

That’s beautiful!

YAY, it turned out great! :cheering:

I :heart: it! It looks great on you, good job!

Thanks! Im SOOOOO happy about it! LOL, even if it is 81 degrees here and I can NOT wear it lol

It looks fabulous!!!

Awww, thanks!!! I can not begin to tell you the JOY I felt when I took that LAST stitch off lol

oh, that’s darling!! Soooo cute on you! Great job!

Now, go get started on those other projects, we want to see those, too!!


450Sel 6.9

Oh NOOOO worries! I am going to do the perfect turtleneck from the Fitted Knits book. Im about to start working on my guage RIGHT now lol

That looks fantasitic!

very cute!! good job!


A perfect fit!! Good job!

I have the Fitted Knits book too! Would love to know what you’re going to make in there - I can’t decide!

I love it :slight_smile: I know how much you struggled with it so it’s all the more super!

Thank you and BOY did I struggle lol. I also just bought Green Gable. I feel like I can do ANYTHING after this shrug. LOL

Very cool. Looks nice on you.

Wow!! Absolutely lovely! :cheering:

wish i could make something as nice

It looks great!
I just bought “Fitted Knits” yesterday. There are so many things I want to make. Decisions, decisions…

Looks fantastic! Congratulations! :happydance: