FO - I-Cord Hat

My best friend Meg has a daughter, Eva, who will celebrate her FIRST birthday next week, so I made her a cute little I-cord hat that I thought would be perfect for chilly fall days ahead…

The yarn is Crystal Palace’s Bunny Hop in colorway Circus - what a great yarn to knit with…I adore it!

Very cute and so colorful! :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of i-cord! :zombie: It’s cute though!

oh how cute! I love the color, great job :yay:

So cute, the colors are just perfect for a toddler.

Very sweet and the colour is lovely :slight_smile:

Very cute! Jan’s right, that’s a lot of I-cord.

tahts sooo cute.

i’d loev the pattern link if you have it as i have a nephew who’s coming up to 6 months and he’d look adorable in that

the colours perfect for a ickle one

Very cute and such pretty colours. I think it is just the top that is I cord isn’t it?

Tha pattern is from Ann Budd’s book The Knitter’s Book of Handy Patterns - I used the 5 stitches per inch gauge and just added i-cord at the top. It’s a great book that I know I’ll use a lot.

No, it isn’t totally made from i-cord…I just called it that because I figured it was the top that distinguished it from the basic hat pattern! :slight_smile:

I love putting sticky-up-things on the top of hats like this, especially baby hats. :slight_smile: They look so cute on the little buggers. I love your hat.

Cute, cute, cute.