FO ~ Husband's size 15 socks

I am just trying this out.

If it works, this is a picture of a pair of socks I knitted for my husband for Christmas.

It doesn’t show… but each sock is over 29 inches long from toe up the front of the sock. They end about mid-calf on him!

He is 6 feet 8 inches tall. My first pair of socks I ever knitted. I thought I was never going to be done, and had to force myself to start the second sock right away!

Now that’s love!! :zombie: :teehee: They look great!

29 inches??? Good grief! Well done!

I was going to say the same exact thing!

They look great, and long :wink:

Big feet run in my family, but only my nephews have feet as big as your husband’s. I think size 12 is about as high as I have to go.

Mama Bear

you know what they say…

big feet…

big socks.

:teehee: :teehee:

Those are some big socks!
They look great, bravo for sticking with it and avoiding SSS. I’d have probably quick halfway through all that ribbing! :teehee:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Great job!

I thought my husband was tall at 6’5"!!! His socks will be fun to knit too!


I had to read this thread because I’m knitting my DH a pair of socks on size 2s and I’ve told him more than once : “Curse you and your big clodhoppers! If these were for me they’d be done by now!” … and he’s only like a size 11.


THIS is why I am scared to make Socks
I have size 11 1/2W or 12W feet

Socks for me would be MARATHON to make
and I have become SUCH a fiber snob in the past year
(under your-all influence for SURE)

some day
Some Day

(anyone know that reference?)


Well I am thankful that he really likes them.

But he keeps them for “special” occasions, because “You took so long to make them.”

:wall: It took me two weeks, I thought that was fast for such big socks! But then he was comparing it to the socks I knitted for my 5 y/o daughter… those took 2 days…

wow, I have send a link to this post to my mom, who after knitting a pair of socks for me, then a pair for herself (both size 8 in shoes), declared that neither my dad nor my husband will ever get handknit socks because their feet are just too big (size 13, and size 12). Very nice work, and nice choice on the hubby too, if he appreciates your socks that much he must be a good one.

good grief…you know what they say about a man who wears big socks…

he must have big feet! :wink:

WOW… they look great! I felt like my DH’s socks took forever, and he’s only a size 10. I agree with you - two weeks is fast for such big socks!